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001631 Corgi   SR-71A Blackbird - Skunk Works World Record Flight 1990 £ 144.99
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  Century Wings 1/72 scale diecast 001631: Lockheed SR-71A Blackbird #61-7972
of the 9th SRW, World Record Flight, March 6th 1990. With Skunk Works artwork on the tail. Limited Edition of only 700 Pieces.

Length 17.75 inches Wingspan 9.25 inches

Aircraft #61-7972 rolled off the assembly line on September 15th, 1966 and first flew on December 12th, 1966. Over the next 23 years, it flew numerous missions with the 9th Strategic Reconnaissance Wing, eventually racking up 2801.1 flight hours. In 1974 it set the world speed record flying from New York to London in 1 hour, 54 minutes, 56 seconds. On March 6th, 1990, #972 was retired from the US Air Force and flew from Palmdale, California to Dulles Field, Washington D.C. to be placed on permanent display at the National Air and Space Museum. The plane was piloted by Lt. Col. Ed Yielding with RSO Lt. Col. Joseph Vida in the backseat. During that final flight, the aircraft broke four world speed records, including a US West Coast to East Coast time of just under 1 hour 8 minutes, averaging 2,124 mph over 2,404 statute miles.

Designed as a long-range, strategic reconnaissance aircraft, The Lockheed SR-71 first flew on December 22, 1964. Nicknamed "The Blackbird," this highly-advanced aircraft was believed by many to be ahead of its time. It was capable of mach 3 and still holds the record for the fastest "air breathing manned aircraft" in the world. Its speed and ability to operate at high altitudes served as a defensive feature; when attacked by surface-to-air missiles, the pilot needed only to accelerate to avoid being struck. Only 32 SR-71's were operated during its 34-year service history, and though 12 were destroyed in accidents none were lost to enemy attack.
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