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A3 PRINT Corgi   A3 Line Drawings - Set of 6, Lightning Classics (1,000 ONLY) £ 0.00
      Out of stock
  Set of 6 different Stunning A3 size Limited edition line drawings by Stuart Black, depicting side line drawings of English Electric Lightnings, as follows:

No.1: "Firebird" F3 XR720 "E" of 56 Sqn, RAF Wattisham 1965
No.2: "Binbrook Flagship" F6 XR728 "JS" of Lightning Training Flight, 1988
No.3: "Tengah Tiger" F6 XR769 "B" of 74 Sqn, RAF Tengah, Singapore 1969
No.4: "King Cobra" F2A XN778 "A" of 92 Sqn, RAF Gutersloh, Germany 1976
No.5: "Black Leader" T4 XM992 "Z" of 111 Sqn RAF Wattisham 1965
No.6: "Bravo Tango" T5 XS452 "BT" of 11 Sqn, RAF Binbrook 1988

The prints also have the aircraft history with a picture of the unit badge.
All 6 show the limited Edition set number 429 of only 1,000. Perfect for mounting in frames and now almost impossible to find!
Picture of model:-


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